The decision to franchise your business can be a challenging one to make.  Your business is your baby and you have built it from the ground up. It’s been an investment of your time, money and energy for so many years.  You are considering what you will gain vs. what you are compromising in order to join a franchise.

Here are 7 reasons joining a franchise will greatly benefit you and your business as well as accelerate your growth:


1. Increase Your Chance of Success

As an independent collision centre, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to operate and maintain your existing business.  The industry has certainly changed over the years and there are many new requirements being placed on collision centres in order to stay current with the standards.  Joining a franchise provides instant access to a platform that supports you and your business with the tools you need in order to thrive and grow.


2. Develop a Support Team

Joining a franchise provides access to a team of people that are there to support your needs and help grow your business.  You are able to pick up the phone and ask questions at any time. Simplicity also has field staff that can visit your location in person to provide coaching and consulting if needed.

3. Access to Strategic Partnerships

A franchise system allows you to become part of a large and growing network of business’ and individuals that are aligned to help you succeed.  Whether it’s negotiating advertising costs or better purchase discounts, you will have the resources and connections available to enhance your business.  These relationships will result in overall cost savings and increased profits.


4. Leave a Legacy

Within the structure of a franchise, where the routines are systematic and ca be learned quickly, operational control can be passed along seamlessly.  This isn’t always the case with an independant collision centre. Independent centres have the tendency to be run by the owner and when that owner is no longer able to maintain the business, it is sold.  A franchise provides the support needed to pass the business onto the next generation and continue it’s growing success.


5. Ongoing Training Programs

Simplicity offers monthly training programs at various locations around the country as well as one-on-one training at each franchise location.  We invest in helping franchisees learn the most efficient way to run their business and increase their profits.


6. Marketing Support

Marketing your business is a costly and time-consuming activity.  Simplicity has a marketing fund that takes care of all marketing needs for each location.  This enables you to focus on growing your business and investing your time where it counts most.


7. Own Multiple Locations

Being a part of a franchise system can offer you more opportunities to grow.  Once you have become a successful single-unit franchise owner, there is a growth continuum that can allow you to expand to a multi-unit franchise owner.



If you are interested in learning more about Simplicity and the opportunity to grow your business, click HERE and fill out the form. We will be happy to connect with you to provide more information!