The customer is always right, right???  

So what are your customers saying about your business?  

Did they have a positive experience?  Would they return? Would they refer a friend?

These are all important questions to consider when thinking about the experience you are creating for each and every customer that walks through your doors.  If you aren’t sure about how your customers feel, here are the fours pillars to consider:

Timely Service

How quickly are your customers greeted and attended to when they walk through the door?  Do they have a long wait time? Is there car serviced quickly? These are all important questions.  No customer wants to wait for ANY amount of time so finding ways to reduce this is imperative.


Clear Communication

Talking shop can be confusing to most customers so be sure to let them know exactly what will happen to their car and when they can expect to have it returned.  If there is a delay or change along the way, communicate this. Don’t leave your customers in the dark and they will leave feeling confident and happy with your service.


Friendly/Helpful Staff

Dealing with people that are friendly and enjoy their job is the optimal situation for any customer.  Whether it’s you or your staff be sure to greet every customer with a smile and treat them with the utmost care and respect.  It’s nearly impossible to leave a business feeling dissatisfied when you were treated well and felt that the staff went above and beyond.


Clean and Inviting Space

Part of your customer’s impression is based off how your shop looks.  Keep your shop tidy and clean. Your lobby is the first thing your customer sees and it creates an impression for them of what to expect.  Clutter and disorganization create a feeling of confusion and lack of confidence in your ability to deliver. A well kept shop lets your customer know that you have everything under control.


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