Simplicity Car Care has signed an exclusive agreement with Carbon Neutral Repair (CNR) to assist in calculating its carbon footprint, with the goal of achieving Net Zero by 2045. CNR is currently working with Simplicity Car Care locations by collecting all the data required to calculate the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across Scope 3, according to GHG Protocol carbon accounting. Once completed, this will define the ‘boundary period’ emissions, which will then be offset through the purchase of verified Carbon Credits, certifying them to be Carbon Neutral. Through a conscious and strategic plan, these emissions will be reduced year over year until they achieve Net Zero, with a minimum of 90% reduction in boundary emissions by 2045.

Once the sites have completed the process, Simplicity Car Care will then complete the same process across all future sites, ensuring that repairing a vehicle at any Simplicity Car Care location can be a carbon neutral experience. Managing Director of CNR, Dominic Napier, commented, “It is exciting to be working with Paul Prochilo and all the Simplifiers on their journey to Net Zero. Never has the ability for any organization to be able to demonstrate their commitment to addressing the climate crisis been so important, the future of procurement will be carbon, price and service.”

CNR works globally in supporting organizations within the collision sector to measure, reduce, and report their emissions. In 2020, CNR certified the world’s first collision centre to be PAS2060 Carbon Neutral, and is now working with collision centres, work providers, and suppliers.“The Climate Crisis didn’t happen overnight and we won’t be able to solve it overnight,” states Napier, “But, we must all have a plan, a plan to reduce our emissions in order to ensure that our planet is safe to pass on to our children and all future generations.”

Paul Prochilo, Simplicity’s CEO, knows the importance of putting in the time, effort, and energy to combat the climate crisis, “At Simplicity, we know that when it comes to climate change, the time to act is now. We’re thrilled to be partnering with CNR and work collaboratively to become a carbon neutral company. We know that our customers care deeply about the environmental impact of what they are purchasing. We hope that this initiative will inspire the global collision repair community to join us in becoming net zero.”