You’ve got a lot of options to choose from for professional auto repair, but what makes a car service center trustworthy? What about the service or customer service encourages you to recommend an auto repair shop to your friends or family? What makes you return again and again? Excellent service is critical, but it’s not the only thing that matters. A great car repair shop offers a wide range of “in demand” services, reliable results, and a culture that puts the customer first.

Car services people love

An auto repair shop offering all the services you need for your vehicle will become your go-to center for car repair, auto body repair, and ongoing maintenance. So, what are those services that people love? Here’s a great list to look for when choosing your auto repair shop.

Collision reporting center

A collision reporting center allows individuals involved in a vehicle collision to send in their car for assessment and get help properly filling out a police report about the incident. These centers staff police officers who assist with properly recording the accident details and filling out the necessary paperwork.

Car towing service

If your car has been disabled in an accident and your local repair shop offers a towing service, it makes it much easier for you to choose them to do the repairs. Car towing service providers have the necessary tow trucks and specialized equipment to handle different types of vehicles. Towing companies also offer roadside assistance and other related services, such as jump-starting a dead battery or changing a flat tire on the side of the road.

Tire repair

A tire repair service repairs leaking or punctured tires and replaces worn-down tires. Tire repair also includes maintenance, such as rotating and balancing tires. A shop that offers regular vehicle maintenance keeps customers returning and the auto center top-of-mind if your customer needs significant repairs or is in an accident. 

Auto glass repair

Windshields and other car windows are regularly damaged by rocks, debris, vandalism, or car accidents, so auto glass repair is a specialty that auto repair shops should offer. Again, if the customer comes back regularly to an auto shop, they’ll think of that shop when they need it the most.

Specialists in auto service

A great auto repair shop employs technicians with a high level of knowledge and expertise in repairing, maintaining, and servicing automobiles. They may have specific areas of focus, such as engine repair, transmission repair, electrical system repair, or collision repair. 


A car repair center needs to be reliable, as having your car serviced or repaired can be stressful and costly. An auto shop should employ professional, experienced technicians who stand by the work they do if something goes wrong with the repair. Look for multiple high reviews online to determine if a shop has a good reputation, and ask around your neighbourhood.


“Total transparency and honesty from simplicity. Highly recommended….” Claire P.

Simplicity Car Care, East York

Being able to rely on a service center is often the top issue for customers. They need to know what’s happening, how it’s going, and that they’re being dealt with honestly. Reliability builds trust. 

Customer satisfaction

“The best customer service you could find.” Marion M. 

Simplicity Car Care, Toronto

A customer-centric approach to business ensures that the customers’ wants and needs are heard and understood. When the customer matters, that customer trusts the company offering the service.


“…I walked away feeling confident that everything would be better… and it was!” Richard R.

Simplicity Car Care, Barrie

A great auto body shop employs technicians who know cars inside and out. They know where to find the answer if they don’t have the answer. They leave the car better than the customer might expect.


“Price was reasonable, service was great, deadlines were respected.” J. Nicolau

Simplicity Car Care, Hamilton

Customers want to know they’re paying a fair price. With some auto body centers inflating their costs if they think they can get away with it, customers want to take their vehicle to a shop that will quote them reasonably. 

If you’re looking for an auto repair service, contact a Simplicity Car Care location near you—and find out how trustworthy an auto repair shop can be.