For those not vehicle savvy, it can be hard to tell after a collision whether you need a towing service unless the car is totaled. Find out what kinds of collisions require a towing service, why, and how the repair can be completed after.

When is a towing service required?

A car is stuck

If a vehicle is stuck in a ditch, in deep mud, in a snowbank, or in another situation, a towing service is required because the vehicle simply can’t be driven out. Towing services will have the proper knowledge, tools, and safety precautions to get the vehicle out of its stuck position and onto the road to be towed to an accident repair shop.

A flat tire or breakdown

A vehicle with a flat tire, blowout, or full-on breakdown simply can’t be driven. Sometimes, this isn’t foreseeable. A vehicle can easily hit a pothole too hard, run over a nail, or be an older model that has decided it’s served its time. In this case, a towing service is needed to get the vehicle off the road and out of harm’s way safely.

A rollover

If a vehicle has gained momentum and hits slick roads, a sharp turn, or uneven terrain, it might roll over. In this case, it isn’t even on its wheels anymore so it can be driven. A towing service is needed to collect the vehicle. Even if the vehicle can be propped back onto its wheels and driven, the driver is likely not in a position to drive and should take advantage of the help.

Driving difficulties

If the vehicle has suddenly become difficult to drive safely, like acceleration, deceleration, and steering, call a towing service. When the car’s functionality is unknown and perhaps too unpredictable, it’s safer to use a towing service than to drive the car yourself.

Strange smells or sounds

If there are strange smells emanating from the engine, it could be extremely dangerous to continue driving. If there’s smoke, that’s an even more obvious indicator a towing service is required, and driving should cease immediately.

On the other hand, if there are strange noises, such as grinding, squealing, or clunking, a towing service is a safer option. These sounds and smells indicate more serious engine problems that can lead to fires, breakdowns, or even explosions.

When is it safe to drive a car after a collision?

A good rule of thumb is if the car can still be driven safely and doesn’t pose any immediate threats to the driver’s or others’ safety, then it can be driven to an accident repair shop without the use of a towing service.

If there aren’t any injuries, no serious damage, and the proper procedures have been followed after a collision, drive to the nearest accident repair shop. If the accident involved other cars and/or drivers, there will be more steps to follow first. If the accident was due to a swerve into a curb, for example, depending on the force, you could drive the car to an auto body shop for repairs.

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Whether or not a towing service was used, the vehicle is likely in need of repair. Simplicity Car Care keeps it simple by partnering with reliable towing services in multiple locations that can bring the vehicle straight in. 

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