Small collisions can have a big impact: even a minor car accident can lead to significant repairs that can strain your wallet. From bent suspension parts to misaligned wheels, a minor collision can hide serious problems that can compromise the safety and performance of your vehicle. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why minor impacts often lead to hefty repair bills and what you can do to keep the repair costs to a minimum.

What’s considered a small impact?

A small car accident involves low speeds with minimal visible damage, such as a bump, scrape, or scratch or a simple auto repair or car scratch repair job. However, even minor car accidents can result in hidden structural or mechanical damage that can be extremely costly when it comes to collision repairs. 

How cars can be damaged from small impacts

Crucial parts of the car, such as the suspension, wheels, engine components, and electronics, can be damaged by even a small accident. Modern vehicles are designed with interlocking systems, so fixing one part may require fixing others, leading to higher repair costs. In the case of hidden damage, labour costs can skyrocket. The following systems can be costly to repair even in a small accident, and, indeed, if the problem isn’t handled immediately following the incident. 


Struts are components of a car’s suspension system and can be damaged if the impact affects the area where the struts are located in the front or rear of the vehicle. If hit, struts can bend or break, leading to misalignment and loss of stability. If this happens, you may notice the ride and handling become affected. They should be repaired promptly because damaged struts can stress other suspension components, which might lead to additional damage and repair costs. 


The cradle is a structural component of the car that supports the engine and transmission. The cradle can be damaged in a minor collision when the front or undercarriage of the vehicle is involved. Surprisingly, a minor collision can cause the cradle to bend or twist. This damage will lead to misalignment, affecting your vehicle’s steering, handling, and performance. Again, if left, a damaged cradle will stress other components, such as the suspension and exhaust system, potentially causing more damage.


If the wheels or other suspension components are involved in even a minor accident, the suspension could be affected, like control arms or tie rods. These components can bend, break, or become misaligned, which will cause a poor ride and handling and may increase tire wear. Take the vehicle to a car collision repair shop to be checked if you suspect the suspension is damaged. Leaving it may put stress on the steering and drivetrain. 


If the impact of a minor collision affects the suspension, wheels, or other components that make up the vehicle’s suspension system, your alignment is at risk. Poor alignment can result in uneven tire wear, poor handling, reduced fuel efficiency, and an increased risk of losing control of the vehicle, especially when driving at high speeds. 

Visiting an auto collision repair centre to solve hidden problems

Visiting an auto collision repair centre after a minor collision can help identify and solve problems that may not be immediately obvious. An experienced and trained technician will thoroughly inspect the vehicle and use specialized equipment to check the alignment, suspension, and other systems. These checks will help identify any damage, no matter how small, that may have been caused by the collision, such as bent or broken parts, misalignment, or electrical issues. 

Once the problems have been identified, the technician will provide a detailed repair estimate to help ensure the vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition and is safe to drive. By addressing these hidden problems early on, you can prevent more significant and expensive issues from arising in the future, ensuring that your vehicle continues to perform at its best.

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