The Simple Life

Simplicity Car Care aims to provide it for customers and franchisees BY ERIN MCLAUGHLIN

A new network has been launched in Canada with one vision: Make car care simple and affordable for every vehicle owner in the world.

“Our plan is pretty simple,” says Domenic Ieraci, President of Simplicity Car Care. “Vehicle management is getting more complex, and consumers
have to go to various service providers to take care of their car’s variety of needs.”

The team heading Simplicity Car Care hopes to change this, moulding car care—what they consider to be an overly-complicated and inconsistent service—into something predictable, seamless and affordable.

Simplicity Car Care will service the entire life cycle of the vehicle, while providing convenience for Canadian motorists. “Collision is a core competency of what we do, but we also provide complementary services, such as mechanical, glass, detailing and tires,” Ieraci says. “We service the entire life cycle.

Quite simply, we wanted to make it more convenient for Canadians to go to one place, as opposed to going to three or four different service providers.”

Aside from convenience, there are substantial economical benefits to supplying all vehicle needs in a single location. “We intend to integrate complementary services in our business and leverage economies of scale,” says Ieraci. The business model also helps to hedge risks against the possibility of reduced demand for collision repair as cars become increasingly advanced.

Domenic Prochilo, one of the co-founders of the new network, notes, “We provide our clients with one central location where multiple needs can be addressed. We’re looking to reinvent the customer experience and create a place where customers feel confident by improving both the ease of using our services and accessibility to our services.”

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Article Courtesy of Collision Repair Magazine