Simplicity Car Care has proudly announced its partnership with the Edmonton Stingers, a celebrated basketball team representing the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL). This exciting partnership is set to run through the fall and winter seasons, and with Simplicity Car Care’s support, promises to bring an engaging blend of community-focused initiatives and basketball fun.

Domenic Ieraci, President at Simplicity Car Care, shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying “Simplicity Car Care is very excited to partner with the Edmonton Stingers, part of the CEBL. A uniquely Canadian approach to basketball along with our uniquely Canadian approach to collision repair, made for an easy decision to support this great organization. The Stingers community work is exemplary and Simplicity is constantly looking for partners that share our values in the community and in business overall”

Several exciting initiatives are on the horizon as part of this partnership. Here’s what fans and community members can anticipate over the upcoming seasons:

  • Family Fun Game: Simplicity Car Care has a strong value of community, and what better way to get the community together than a family fun game day? As the game day partner for an upcoming matchup, they’ll be donating tickets to their staff, ensuring a day filled with basketball action and family fun.
  • Fresh Nets Initiative: In an effort to promote sports in the community, Simplicity Car Care will be sponsoring a program launching brand new basketball nets. Keep an eye out for the SCC logo on the fresh new nets, and lots of social posts featuring Simplicity Car Care! 
  • The Hoop Bus: Turning heads, sparking interest, and getting the entire community involved in the game – watch out for a school bus equipped with a basketball hoop at the back, boldly displaying the Simplicity Car Care logo. This interactive concept aims to merge the joys of basketball with Simplicity’s dedication to the community.

As both organizations share a commitment to community engagement, this partnership symbolizes more than just sports and business—it’s about making a meaningful impact. Edmonton and its surrounding areas are encouraged to keep an eye out for these exciting events and join in the festivities alongside SCC.