Simplicity Car Care has always had a focus on leaving a legacy of client advocacy and market leadership – both within our industry and the communities that we serve. As such, we’re proud to formally announce our current Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) commitment.

Environmental Governance Summary
Simplicity is committing to (1) reducing its carbon footprint by 45% by 2035 and (2) becoming Climate Positive, by 2045. Simplicity intends to meet these targets by achieving the following 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 – Direct Emissions Reduction: Eliminating the combustion emissions through fossil fuels of company vehicles.
  • Phase 2 – Indirect Emissions 1.0: Establishing a baseline of fossil and electric consumption in all collision repair centres and setting a strategy to reduce the consumption by 7% per year starting in 2023.
  • Phase 3 – Indirect Emissions 2.0: Review 15 components of the collision repair operations. This is inclusive but not limited to: impact of collision repair process, procurement fulfillment in supply chain, fuel and energy related activities, and waste generated in operations.

“The climate alarm bells are ringing at fever pitch – scorching temperatures, shocking biodiversity loss, and polluted air and water and as an industry, we must take action immediately,” states Paul Prochilo, Chief Executive Officer of Simplicity.

Simplicity’s message to all organizations in the collision repair space; Don’t wait for others to make the first move. Do your part. The climate crisis is jeopardizing the sustainability of our ecosystem to the extent that if we do not act and reverse our trajectory then the effects will be irreversible by 2050. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown a light on the inequalities across the globe. We must all consider the gender and racial inequalities prevalent all over the world and commit to providing solutions. Solidarity between industries, communities and the entire globe is required as it is currently missing in action.”

Social Governance Summary
The COVID-19 pandemic has helped to shed a light on the inequalities that exist across the globe. Simplicity utilized the United Nations Sustainability Goals as the baseline for social governance. The main focus of these goals include:

(1) Good Health and Well Being

  • Simplicity continues to invest in enhancements to our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s), as well as subsidies to all staff for nutritionists and social workers to ensure mental health and well-being.
  • Simplicity’s commitment to society at large has never wavered, as we continue to support Children on the Rise and Sick Kids in the development of Project Horizon, a $1.8 billion redevelopment of the Sick Kids facilities. We are also committing to support the Breakfast Club of Canada, helping to ensure children always have a nutritious meal to fuel their day in reaching their full potential.

(2) Gender Equality and Reduced Inequalities

  • The aftermarket automotive industry is represented by 90% men and 10% women. Simplicity is committed to providing and promoting opportunities in the collision repair space, specifically to women and visible minorities. We intend to attain a 30% female and 50% visible minority composition for staff across the entire franchise system by 2030. Our strategy to attain the objective is the following:
    • Additional investments into our institutional partnerships in the government and education sectors.
    • Continue to develop relationships with our current workforce placement partnerships to enhance the upskilling and transition plan to re-entering the labour workforce.
    • Develop a collision industry assessment to identify constraints prohibiting women and visible minorities from attaining their full potential within industry. Simplicity is committed to developing cultural and systemic conditions that remove such constraints in order to enable more women and visible minorities to participate in the collision repair workforce.

Social governance, sustainability and carbon reduction are issues that require a greater level of attention in the collision repair and claims ecosystem. Simplicity is committed to providing leadership in both social and environmental spaces and acting as an inspiration to all organizations working towards a better tomorrow.