Simplicity Car Care is thrilled to announce its 2022 National Growth Conference. The conference will be taking place on September 15th – 17th in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This two day event will bring the Simplicity Network, insurance partners and supply chain together. It will be hosted at the Niagara Falls Convention Centre and will include a trade show, various speakers, and a formal celebration gala!

The beautiful Niagara Falls allows attendees to enjoy the spectacular scenery, as well as gaining valuable insights on the industry and the future of Simplicity Car Care. With topics covered in the conference including: the future of insurance, digital marketing, shifting paradigms, environmental initiatives, cyber security, and mental health, attendees will leave with the tools and knowledge they need to take their business and operations to the next level. Additionally, the Friday night trade show will include over thirty vendors from across Canada to explore. To bring the weekend to a close, a formal awards gala will be held in conjunction with entertainment and a celebration of Simplicity’s 2022 conference.

Simplicity’s CEO, Paul Prochilo, states “We’re thrilled to finally have the opportunity to bring the Simplicity Network together for a weekend of learning, growth, and collaboration. We couldn’t be happier to bring in franchisees from coast to coast. In addition, for the opportunity of nationwide networking and building up the teamwork and connections that are already present within the Simplicity community. I can’t wait to see our team come together through our workshops, the trade show, and other conference events to build stronger and more knowledgeable franchisees. Our franchisees have already expressed great excitement for this event and we can’t wait to deliver in September.”

The Simplicity Car Care Growth Conference is open to all franchisees and registration can be completed through visiting The Friday night Simplicity Industry Trade Show is open to non-franchisees and is free of charge to attend. The team at Simplicity looks forward to seeing you in Niagara Falls from September 15th to 17th!