Considering painting your car? Getting a full, professional paint job is an investment. Is it worth it? Each driver has their own reason for wanting to paint their car and being proud of it while you drive is a perfectly valid reason. Whether we like it or not, people’s opinions of you can be affected by the condition of your car. An old, scratched vehicle doesn’t make a great first impression.

Auto painting because you want to

If you’re proud of your car and want it to look its best, a paint job is a great way to return the vehicle to its original condition. Over time, the paint and the car’s finish can get dull and fade. In everyday use, the car will also suffer little dings and scratches. Repainting will hide all those imperfections.

You might want a different colour than the car manufacturer’s limited palette. Dealers want to ensure they make a profit, so they tend to stock only the car colours they’re most likely to sell: greys, whites, blacks, and other neutrals most popular today. If you want to make a bold statement with your vehicle, you’ll need a custom colour.

For some, their vehicle is their hobby. If you’re considering turning your car into a showcase piece, a custom paint job is a place to start. And if you’re restoring a vehicle, you’ll need to paint it to finish the job.

Paint your car because it’s a smart choice

Painting your car can be a wise economic decision. Especially if your vehicle is older, a professional paint job can increase the resale value. Potential buyers will be attracted to cars that look great, and you get the added benefit of driving a nicer car.

Paint is also functional. The paint finish protects the car against the elements and the development of rust. Repainting will catch those scratches and dents that might leave your vehicle open to corrosion. Bodywork is a good idea because a small scratch can, over time, become a big problem. After a collision, a car will also need significant bodywork with a complete paint job to return it to its original condition.

Types of paint work

We don’t have to paint the whole car at one time, so autobody shops offer varying levels of service as necessary.

Small dents and scratches

Unsightly scratches can be caused anytime and threaten to let in corrosion. Taking care of a minor problem when it’s small makes a lot of sense and gets your car back in pristine condition. If you have a unique car colour, it may be challenging to match the shade with car touch-up paint, but if the make and model are current, the paint colour should be available from the manufacturer.

Full paint job

If you want to change the colour, have a lot of damage or dullness, or have been in a collision, you want a complete paint job for your vehicle. Undergoing major structural repairs is necessary after a crash, but will leave the car looking unsightly. However, insurance policies will cover the paint job cost if it’s part of the collision repair of the vehicle restoration after an accident.

Services Simplicity Car Care auto paint shop offers

Simplicity Car Care specializes in returning vehicles to the look and feel of being brand new, whether the problem is a small scratch or a major collision. They use the latest technology to smooth and repair scratches and dents and then paint the vehicle so you’d never know there had been damage in the first place.

In the case of a collision, let Simplicity Car Care deal with the stress and the detail of handling the insurance company’s requirements. There are Simplicity Car Care brand car repair shops across the country, so there’s one near you. If you’re looking to get your car looking its best or if you’ve been in an accident, contact Simplicity Car Care for an estimate today.