The resale value of a car can be influenced by numerous factors, including the history of accidents and the quality of subsequent repairs. Your car’s resale value can earn you hundreds, if not thousands, when selling the vehicle, so if you’ve been in even a small accident, you might be concerned about maintaining your vehicle’s resale value post-collision

Read on to understand how to preserve your car’s value after collision and repair by an experienced, dependable collision repair center like Simplicity Car Care.

How subpar repairs can lower a vehicle’s value

Every car owner dreads the aftermath of an accident, not just for immediate safety concerns and repair costs but also for the potential long-term impact on the car’s value. Even after the most minor fender bender, improper repairs can leave visible blemishes or overlooked mechanical issues. 

Prospective buyers are often wary of vehicles showing signs of poor repair. Blemishes, misalignments, or unrefined finishes can make buyers question the integrity of the vehicle, and they might offer much less or even refuse to make an offer at all.

Worried about the work on your car lowering resale value later?

The moment after a collision, aside from ensuring everyone is okay, our minds can race to the vehicle’s condition and its future resale value. A car, for many, is an investment, and they know that preserving the value will give them more choice in the future, either in resale or in trade-in value. Especially when the damage is extensive, car owners will worry about the future.

Get a professional appraisal

The first step to ensure the best outcomes is obtaining a full professional appraisal post-repair. This appraisal will give you the full picture of the condition of your vehicle and its value. When equipped with a credible appraisal, potential buyers can be assured that the vehicle was properly repaired following your accident. This will set the buyer’s worries at ease and justify the vehicle’s asking price.

Stop minor-looking damage from becoming major

Small damage is often dismissed as purely cosmetic but what may seem like a tiny scratch or a slight dent on the surface could be hiding more significant issues underneath. If these underlying problems are ignored or improperly fixed, it may lead to more extensive, value-depreciating problems in the future. Get the damage properly assessed and thoroughly fixed to ensure the resale value of the vehicle is preserved.

Choosing the right auto body shop

After an accident, it might be tempting to send your car to the closest mechanic or the shop recommended by the towing company, but not all repair shops are created equal, and the quality of work can vary drastically. 

Certified auto collision repair reporting centre

You also want to take advantage of the benefits of a certified auto collision reporting centre like Simplicity Car Care. These centres are set up to ensure your car is processed properly, from getting the best appraisal to highly qualified and fast service.

Simplicity Car Care doesn’t just mend, they restore your vehicle to its best condition. Their car repair professionals are armed with cutting-edge tools and the latest techniques, and ensure your car doesn’t just look new but feels and drives like new too. Not only that, but expert repair, like that offered by Simplicity Car Care, will mean the resale value of your vehicle is maintained despite it having been in an accident.

Visit an auto body shop regularly 

Resale value isn’t just about the post-accident repairs. Regular check-ins with Simplicity Car Care repair centre can ensure your vehicle remains in its peak condition and that you’ll catch potential issues before they escalate. You’ll not only save on hefty repair bills down the line but also ensure your vehicle’s value doesn’t take unexpected hits. As the saying goes, prevention is often better (and cheaper) than the cure.

Collisions, minor or major, can be nerve-racking. However, with the right care and attention to post-accident repairs, your vehicle’s value doesn’t have to suffer. By choosing top-tier repair centers like Simplicity Car Care, you invest in your vehicle’s future, ensuring it fetches the price it truly deserves when the time comes to sell. Protect your investment, and opt for Simplicity Car Care every time.