Some common car repair prices might incentivize some to pay more attention to collision avoidance and regular car maintenance. Let’s take a look at common car repairs, how much they cost, and what options are available to avoid these situations.

Average car repair costs in 2023

The average cost for common car repairs has slowly risen over the years, especially when COVID-19 hit and the demand couldn’t be met by supply. Routine car maintenance, for the most part, ranges from $500 to $700. But how much car repairs (tires, windshields, wheel alignment etc.) can cost depend on the repair needed, the car model, location, maintenance, and how long the problem has gone ignored.

Common car repairs and their costs

Fender benders

Normally, fender benders don’t get too severe although they can be. Customers will generally see a cost of around $1,000 for auto collision repair when they’ve been in a fender bender. Of course, the price will vary depending on the severity. If the collision repair calls for new parts, each part will come with its price and any additional labor needed adds to the total. 

Windshield or window repair

Windshield or window auto repair are important to get done quickly since it affects visibility and is more likely to crack further if the glass’s integrity is already compromised. Replacing a windshield normally costs between $200 and $400 for the average car. Window repair might cost less if the damage isn’t too bad.

Tire repair

Collision repair for tires can start fairly simple. If the tire needs a quick patch job, it wouldn’t cost more than twenty to thirty dollars. Keep in mind that if the tire requires more repair or more patches, you’ll likely need a replacement tire, and that will cost more. Sometimes, small accidents can lead to big repairs.

Car door repair

This repair is normally caused by sideswiping accidents or opening car doors into another vehicle. Because there are different ways to create this damage, there are different prices. If there’s more extensive damage, especially to the inner workings of the door, the car repair price will rise and can reach $1,000+.

Wheel alignment/balancing

It’s easier than you’d think to affect wheel alignment and balancing. It’s as simple as bumping into a curb at the wrong angle. Alignment can so easily be shifted. Generally, the control arm will also be affected in this case, but wheel alignment repair is the cheaper auto collision repair of the two. Wheel alignment will cost around $100 to $150.

Potential avenues of collision avoidance

There are plenty of tactics to avoid the costs of collision repair by avoiding collision altogether. While some situations are probably unavoidable (like how other people drive or a malfunction) there are many situations that can be addressed before they lead to auto repair.

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