Electric cars are still relatively new. Only 1 percent of vehicles on the roads were electric in 2021. That’s set to change, though. About 20 percent of vehicles sold in 2021 were electric. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular because they’re an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional gasoline vehicles. 

Electric vehicles are involved in about as many collisions as gas-powered vehicles. Electric cars tend to have accidents around rush hours and in cities, reflecting that most owners use their cars to commute to and from work. The general public perceives electric vehicles as safer when it comes to collisions, but there are factors to consider when dealing with high-voltage systems. 

Common causes of electric car collisions

Electric cars have their own unique set of risks when it comes to collisions. Read on for some of the most common causes of electric car collisions so you can be aware and take steps to avoid them.

Surprising acceleration

Drivers can be thrown off by the speed at which an electric car will accelerate without the cues or drag they might expect from a gasoline vehicle. Drivers will accelerate too quickly, lose control, or become spooked by the instant acceleration and shy of accelerating when they should. Both issues can cause accidents.

After a car owner gets a new electric vehicle, they should take time to learn how the car reacts and how they need to adjust their driving style to be safe on the road.

Braking errors

Electric vehicles often have different braking systems than conventional gas-powered cars, and drivers need time to become accustomed before taking them out on the road for long trips or high speeds. Additionally, many new models have advanced safety features, such as lane assist and adaptive cruise control. The driver also needs to learn how to use these features safely.

Electrical system problems

Electric cars are particularly prone to electrical system failures, which can cause accidents. Further, a problem with the electrical system can disable safety features leaving the vehicle more prone to accidents. Short circuits in the electrical system can also cause fires on rare occasions that may lead to accidents. Regular checkups and maintenance are necessary to keep your electric car safe.

How safe are electric cars in an accident?

In the case of an accident, electric cars offer unique risks to drivers, passengers, bystanders, and first responders.

Fire danger

If an electric car is in a collision, there’s a risk the battery will explode and cause a fire. In a famous case in Indiana, two young people died in a vehicle fire following an accident. Many believed they should have survived. The danger can last long after a crash. In one instance, a car caught fire two weeks after a crash test. Following any collision, batteries should be fully drained, removed, and replaced before the vehicle is safe.


Following an accident, a car may have live electricity in damaged or exposed parts, so it’s best to assume  the vehicle is fully powered after an accident. Bystanders and first responders must be aware that the car is electric to avoid electrocution accidents. Other tips include rolling down the window before turning off the engine and keeping well clear (sixteen feet) of the car until it’s determined the vehicle is safe.

How to deal with an electric vehicle following an accident

Though studies are still being conducted, electric car batteries are safest if submerged in a water-filled container following an accident. Ensure the electric vehicle is stored outside and well clear of buildings (about fifty feet away) following an accident. Report any leakage or bubbling of fluids that you witness. Damage to high-voltage systems can mean toxic fumes and flammable gases can sometimes be released days after the incident.

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