Up-and-coming or even recent collision repair technologies and techniques can help add revenue and reduce waste. These changes can shorten the timeframe to complete auto repairs, reduce the costs for both the auto body shop and the customer, and result in better, safer outcomes.

From 2019 to 2020, the auto service industry lost two billion dollars due to less driving. On the bright side, it’s estimated that by 2026 the industry will rise from a worth of $304 billion to $340 billion.

The larger market will call for an increase in advanced driver-assistance systems, special tools and techniques, and intensive mechanic training. In an effort to create a more seamless, effective industry, new technologies have been implemented and will be discussed below.

The perks of using up-to-date technology and techniques

For auto body shops

Improved technologies and processes will lower operating costs, drive revenue, service more customers, and improve auto service outcomes. The idea with new technology is to make improvements and be more environmentally conscious. Obviously, changes wouldn’t be implemented that slow or hinder collision repair. 

For customers

Customers will see speedier collision repair services, lower costs, and improved customer service. New techniques don’t only apply to auto repair, but also to the overall experience. There will be in-car systems that help with safe driving and that offer more insight into the car’s diagnostics so a driver can remain informed.

New technologies being used in auto repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR)

PDR is a technique Simplicity Car Care has been using to make repairing dents or scratches more efficient. This form of repair ensures the match is perfect and the repair can be done easily.

Auto diagnostic testing

Cars will have smart systems in place that constantly monitor the overall health of the car so it can alert the driver when repair or maintenance is needed. As technology improves, so do the capabilities of auto-diagnostic systems. Mechanics will have the necessary training to understand and explain what the test is saying about the car.

Proper training

Emphasis on proper training has only strengthened over the years, especially at Simplicity Car Care where we set up our mechanics with the expertise, tools, and training they need to do their best work. It’s a technical job that needs to be done right for the safety of our customers.

New training has involved virtual reality (VR) to provide employees with experience in certain repairs and situations before getting to it in real life. It’s also a tool that helps attract tech-savvy recruits that will benefit even more from an advanced training program.

VR training is more cost-effective than other training methods since it doesn’t require travel, accommodations, or event planning. It can be done anywhere at any time to suit the needs of the recruits and hiring managers. In an industry that’s hands-on, VR training matches that need, as opposed to reading materials or watching videos.

Vehicle connectivity

A few options are sprouting up regarding connecting the driver with the vehicle. These smart-systems can track driving habits and reward good driving or send nudges for poor driving. Systems like these aren’t only helpful for the driver to be aware of their driving habits but they’re also informative to auto services to understand how a collision happened and what collision repairs they’re likely to see down the road. This kind of insight can help auto body shops create more accurate estimates and repair information so the customer can make a decision.


This is a new trend in the collision repair industry that arose with the popularity of full-electric vehicles. Electrification encompasses the new safety equipment and precautions necessary for technicians to implement when working on electric vehicles. To maintain pace with trends such as this, mechanics require training, and auto body shops need new tools and safety measures to deal with a new brand of vehicle.

UV curing products

Curing happens when solvents in a finish evaporate from a pigment leaving only the substrate. The remaining layer hardens quickly and can immediately be sanded or polished. It’s a similar process to UV curing after having a dental filling done.

UV curing products use photoinitiators (highly chemically reactive molecules) to replace auto-refinishing hardeners. This process is photochemical: a high-intensity ultraviolet light is applied. When the UV light is applied, the photoinitiators bond together and form a hard coating much faster than other methods. Often, collision repairs that would take up to an hour can be reduced to a few minutes.

This auto repair technique is slowly making its place in the automotive industry. It’s also used with windshield and headlight repair. It’s more environmentally friendly, cleaner, and safer for mechanics to use. UV curing products work faster at a lower cost and don’t use heat so materials like plastics can also be repaired using this method.

Important business values at Simplicity Car Care

While we focus on quick, affordable solutions that fully repair a vehicle and make for a safer driver, we also value our customers, their concerns, and what they hope to get out of the exchange to be happy.

Customer commitment

We’re passionate about exceeding our clients’ expectations with every visit to Simplicity. Our extensive technical knowledge and top-notch customer service let us care for both our customers and their cars. Our people are our most precious resource and we’re dedicated to providing continuous personal and professional development to all staff.

Environmental commitment

The improper disposal of metal, motor oil, lead-acid batteries, and antifreeze are major contributors to pollution. At Simplicity, we keep the Earth in mind and take pride in our eco-friendly approach by using only environmentally friendly, water-based paint products. It’s one aspect of our team’s commitment to contributing to a greener planet.

Community commitment

We proudly support the Children on the Rise Charity Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting children in living healthy and happy lives, dreaming big, and achieving their greatest potential.

Just as it’s important and helpful to implement new technologies and initiatives, it’s essential to work within our various communities to offer seamless and safe collision repair services. Need to book an appointment with us? Use this link and get started.